I have a studio cat!

By | June 15, 2022

I recently vacuumed and organised my artspace, so that I would have a clean start after my recent artshow. Now the studio was safe again for the cats. They love to come to the basement, but I hardly ever see them. No idea what they are up to. But today was different. Suzi, our ginger cat, stayed upstairs, but Mitsy, always in for some good basement investigation, not only joined me, but decided to settle down in one of the cat beds I have down there, and kept me company for a good 3 hours, when I was ready to pack it in. What a fabulous, loving and fun cat she is developing in, after recovering from her last pregnancy and accepting indoor living! I just love her to pieces! It is almost one year since we trapped her, so she could have her kittens in a safe space and be neutered to help fight the cat-overpopulation issue. And look at her now! Granted, her love and trust is uniquely for Wim and myself, she is still dead-afraid of strangers, but she ‘loves on us’ in spades!

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