How do you like my new studio?

Friday, 28 March 2023
I am so excited! It has taken awhile, but after several weeks in our new house I am finally coming to a point where my studio space is in a state that allows the creation of new work!

The astute observer will notice some non-artistic objects in the space: there can be no creative juices in my house without the stimulating presence of my cats. Hence the food, the litter box and the hanging-bed in the left part of the room. But other than that, everything is dedicated to the arts.

My very first work in my new surroundings is a small panel with an image I have titled “Senior musings”. Based on Joan Didion, a fabulous journalist and author who passed from the complications of Parkinson’s disease at the end of 2021. She wrote many noteworthy books and articles and, as morose as it may seem, one of my favourites is “The year of magical thinking”, a book addressing the difficult journey of those who grieve the passing of loved ones. Joan has always been a literal light weight with a mere 75 pounds. But as a thinker and observer pur sang, and sometimes ‘disrupter’, she is a heavy weight that resonates in my heart.

A simpler style seems to flow from my brushes these days. It is closer to my origin in sketching, but also uses colour. I am curious to see where this will lead. As usual, this is not yet finished, but I wanted to show you something after such a long time without new work…

2 thoughts on “How do you like my new studio?

  1. Roxanne

    So glad you’re finally settled in your workspace now! As always your work is amazing and so interesting!

  2. Nicky Post author

    Oh thank you Roxanne! You were there at the start of my journey with acrylic paint and I am happy to know you are still liking it!

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