How a snowman created the stars…

December 21, 2022

Once upon a time, there was a cute little snowman. He was a handsome fellow, with a black hat, an orange nose, stones for eyes and tree branches for arms. And because the weather was so frigid, he had also been adorned with a warm, orange scarf. The little kids who had built him right before the blizzard started, had gone back to their cozy houses, leaving the snowman to his own musings as darkness enveloped him.

Oil painting, 5″ / 7″

As he was standing there, he looked at the sky. The moon was full on this shortest of short winter days. In the clouds, he imagined a painting by Vincent van Gogh, with purple and dark blue swirls. The row of evergreens at the horizon complemented the blues beautifully. The white of the snowy field where the snowman stood, had purple and blue shades and the snowman was happy. Completely in his element.

As the frigid winds got stronger, causing a decided drop in temperatures, the snowman felt like doing something creative. “What would it be like”, he fantasised, “if I could throw some sparkles onto the deep blue velvet of the skies? “And so he did. Handsful, or rather: ‘branches full’ of sparkles shot into the air and attached themselves to the canvas of the night.

And so it came to be that, in the middle of a blizzard, thousands of twinkling stars decorated the skies. It was like a promise of the Gods that, even though the blizzards seemed to last endlessly long, spring and summer would come again.

“That will be the end for me”, thought the snowman, a bit sad. But then he cheered up. After all, he had created stars in the middle of a storm, and they would be there forever, and ever, and ever! And he would be remembered for this delightful deed of light for always…

Merry Christmas, joyful holidays and the happiest of new years!