A warm welcome to this storybook blog!

Our lives are like a suitcase filled with stories and experiences. My husband and I currently live in beautiful Canada, in the large province of Ontario. We are originally from The Netherlands and Belgium, and after years of traveling we have found a home on the Northamerican continent. For us, a home would not be a home without cats and many of our feline friends have traveled the world with us.

Update November 7, 2021

When we started this website, the primary focus was on Mitsy: a pregnant semi-feral, stray cat that came begging for food in our backyard. This was in March 2021. We have been building a relationship with this tiny feline ever since. Over the summer of 2021, our relationship with her turned into a rescue project. At first just to get her off the street. Then to give her the opportunity for a safe indoor delivery. Next priority was getting the kittens to the appropriate age for adoption, working with a cat rescue group. All stages of the project went incredibly smoothly and filled us with as much joy and gratitude as worry and nerves. All 6 kittens found a new home and our ‘private colony of cats’ is now reduced to 2: Mitsy is still with us and we have good hope that she will endear herself to our resident 8-year old rescue Suzi as we further her socialisation.

Felines have a very special place in our hearts, but that is not all this website will be about. There will be a larger variety of stories in future, so keep checking back here!


Nicky & Wim

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