A warm welcome to this storybook blog!

Our lives are like a suitcase filled with stories and experiences. My husband and I currently live in beautiful Canada, in the large province of Ontario. We are originally from The Netherlands and Belgium, and after years of traveling we have found a home on the Northamerican continent. For us, a home would not be a home without cats; many of our feline friends have traveled the world with us. This website is dedicated to many of them; but there will be more.

Keep checking back to read new stories about our adventures all over the world and do let us know what you think – we love reading your feedback! Use the email form on the Contact page or write to us directly via the email address we created to honour Mitsy, our new ‘used-to-be-feral’ indoor cat, that is trusting us more and more and it doing well since she came to live with us and her feline friend Suzi (also a rescue cat). Read Mitsy’s blogs to find out about this female tabby’s process of socialisation and the birth of her last litter. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Latest posts on Mitsy’s socialisation blog:

Final postings on the Nursery Blog

November 2021

The cone is no more… oops!

Cuddle time

!! All kittens adopted !! Doing a little happy cat dance !!

Want to get involved and help?

A full circle moment

Photoshopping the tree

Final Nursery Blog post: Points of view make all the difference

Sometimes the heart hurts so badly when a pet is lost, that only painting them can help with the mourning. It is what I did with Dixie. Sammy is on a canvas too, but it will be a while before that one is completed. So we show her in a photograph in one of her most cuddly moods only months away from her sudden death due to acute renal failure at only 11 years old. Dixie survived her and passed at almost 20 years old.