Monthly Archives: January 2022

A happy video…

Are you a cat lover with 3 minutes of spare time and need a picker-upper? Here is a happy video for you with plenty of endearing footage of Mitsy and her kittens! The music in this video comes from the French singer Yves Duteil. The song title is “Les p’tites casquettes”. I honestly do not know how to… Read More »

Is this still a blog without daily postings?

Maybe not… Things are going very well in cat-land. I think it is safe to say that Mitsy has made the cross-over from feral to house cat. She is proving to be a very sweet and intelligent little cat, that enjoys the indoor life to the fullest. She plays with her toys, does her best to get closer… Read More »

New Year’s Day joys

Snoozing for a bit on New Year’s Eve could of course not happen without Mitsy being there with us. Suzi was in deep sleep downstairs, but Mitsy follows us around the house, wherever we go. You may find us corny, but we had the TV on the ‘Fireplace’-channel, just to create a nice atmosphere and Mitsy decided that… Read More »