Monthly Archives: December 2021

Is Mitsy’s gaze hypnotic?

I am just wondering about that today, because there was a little ‘present’ on our backyard doorstep… a completely intact mouse, but dead… Ewe! Did the Daddy of the kittens maybe come to offer us a New Year’s Eve snack? Did a bird of prey drop it, or has Mitsy been hypnotising this rodent to death…? She often… Read More »

Unexpected laptime!

It happened on December 14, 2021, and it was totally unexpected: Mitsy cuddled in my lap for almost a minute! Wim was sitting on the other couch and despite the fact that there was not a lot of light in the room, he caught it on video and you can see how awkward this is to Mitsy. She… Read More »

‘tIs the season….

Even though we are no longer the primary caretakers of Mitsy’s 6 kittens, we are aware that this month is the season of their spaying and neutering. We went through those motions with Mitsy at the end of October and I have to say: I am so glad it is behind us! Surgery is nerve-wrecking for pet owners… Read More »


December, 2021 We are overjoyed to share these photos with you. They represent short but incredibly positive milestones in Mitsy’s recovery. We cannot believe this is the same cat that came to our yard, so afraid of people and always hungry; never time to relax, no experience with things like cuddling and playing. But we are getting there,… Read More »

Old triggers and conditioning

December, 2021 How many hours have Wim and I spent musing about Mitsy’s history? How did she become an outdoor cat? Did she ever live with people? Did she always live in our area? We will never know… But there are some things that we feel fairly certain about, due to her consistent reactions to certain circumstances. Such… Read More »

Mitsy and Suzi

December, 2021 So how is Suzi doing with the new feline sharing her living space? That depends on the circumstances. They have been nose-to-nose without a hiss or a growl. But Mitsy has also been chasing Suzi; in play and also in the frustration that Suzi seems to be unwilling to make real contact. It seems that Suzi,… Read More »

Mitsy goes solo

October, 2021 At the end of October Mitsy’s solo time began with spaying surgery. The twins found a new family to live with and the cat room was now Mitsy’s territory. She did not enjoy the beginning of this new stage in her life, because we were told it was best to have a cone put on her… Read More »

Mealtime loving and playtime fun

September/October, 2021 When the feline family was still in the basement, in the crates, there was never a good opportunity to cuddle and pet them. The kittens, of course, were completely unbiased towards us and even though they did not like to be picked up, they let us touch them and play with them. I often took advantage… Read More »